Moving out of state or returning home after an illness while vacationing​

Moving out of state or returning home after an illness while vacationing​

Travel Assistance for Moving out of State

Moving out of the state for any reason is always challenging and stressful, but it’s much trickier if a senior loved one is relocating, because they require special assistance from qualified individuals.

If your senior loved one is moving out of state, and needs assistance during travel, Topp Flight is here to make the process as smooth as possible for both you and your elderly family member. We offer travel assistance services that will help take the burden off of your shoulders. Our travel assistants will work with you to create a custom plan that fits the specific needs and demands of both you and your aging loved one for a more convenient travel experience.

Travel Assistance for Returning Home after an Illness While Vacationing

Whether it’s due to a sudden sickness or an ongoing condition, being away from one’s home state can make it difficult to get the care one needs. Topp Flight offers travel assistance to those returning home who are physically unable to travel alone, requiring physical assistance.

The safety of our clients is our priority. Our travel companions are all medically-trained individuals, able to give first aid and handle any type of emergency situation. We will coordinate with your doctor to ensure that you receive the best possible care and make all of the necessary arrangements for your return home.

Providing Senior Travel Assistance via Commercial Air

Whether you or your aging loved one requires medical or commercial transportation, our reliable travel companions can assist you with your needs. Let us help you with everything, from travel planning to dropping you off at your destination. Contact us today!