Non Emergency Medical Transport / Relocation- Senior Travel Companion​

Non Emergency Medical Transport / Relocation- Senior Travel Companion​

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

We provide non-emergency medical transport services for individuals unable to fly on their own due to their mobility issues, oxygen needs, and other medical issues. At Topp Flight, we provide air travel companionship for clients or their elderly family members traveling commercially to attend a doctor’s appointment, meet with their family, or for any other reasons.

From booking flights to arranging ground transportation and lodging, our medically trained companions can take care of everything to provide you with a safe, easy, and comfortable traveling experience. We also create custom travel options specifically tailored to you or your aging loved one’s needs for special reasons, such as:

  • Personal air transfers
  • Doctor appointments
  • Hospital discharge
  • Stroke and rehab transfers
  • Stretcher transfers
  • Specific behavioral health conditions
  • Post-surgery visits cross state

If you need NEMT assistance via commercial air flights, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll gladly assist you. 

Relocation Travel

Relocating is challenging at any age, but it is especially difficult for elderly individuals. Seniors and their families may feel overwhelmed by the difficulties associated with shifting to a new residence. However, seniors who choose to live closer to their families or medical providers may frequently relocate. Some may also wish to relocate to warmer states to keep them comfortable as they age.

Regardless, your aging loved ones require assistance with all aspects of moving, such as cleaning their home, selling their property, purchasing a new home, and shipping their things. They require assistance throughout their relocation, especially if they have medical conditions or injuries that make flying alone challenging.

At Topp Flight, we offer seniors the opportunity to travel with ease and peace of mind. Our senior travel companions provide a hassle-free experience by handling all travel arrangements for you or your aging loved one. Our services include booking flights, making hotel reservations, and providing transportation to and from the airport.

Let Your Aging Loved One Have a Stress-Free Travel Experience

Topp Flight is committed to providing seniors and their families comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. With our trusted, medically-trained senior travel companions, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family members as they travel across the country. To know more about our non-emergency medical transport and relocation travel assistance, give us a call today!